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Born in 1959 in the Dordogne, Daniel Castan has been drawing since a very young age. A graduate of the Beaux Arts de Bordeaux, he worked as a graphic designer, created his company and carried out work for Unicef, Pierre Balmain, the UN, Zippo, Polyflamme... Then at the age of 40, he took up the brush again. for fun and just for fun. At 48, he gives up everything to live his dream...

In a first professional life, the artist Daniel Castan traveled a lot in New York and Hong Kong. He retains a fascination for urban universes and their disproportionate perspectives. In his paintings, he tries to recreate these very graphic atmospheres. The lines of the buildings are lost in the sky, the wide avenues seem endless, the colors collide. The artist works from his memories, his imagination.

Daniel Castan chose to paint with an alkyd oil. This is worked like conventional oil, but its binder is a resin which allows accelerated drying. The knife, meanwhile, is the tool of choice for the artist. It allows him to work both in paste, in broad strokes, and to draw in the material.

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