Pierre Soulages 222 x 137 Galerie Leadouze

Chantal PORRAS


Sculptor, Chantal Porras presents us today with a bronze bestiary.

Its pure, intense, luminous black patinas capture the eye and contribute to the enhancement of shapes and volumes.

From the outset, his creations inhabit the space. The purity of its lines, the softness of its rounded lines, its innate sense of proportion, denote not only an accomplished know-how but also an absolute requirement, that of perfection.


Each of the works that Chantal Porras gives us to contemplate goes beyond objective and anatomical reality, the simple representative side.

The artist welcomes elements of strength and sensuality that reflect with talent and a skillfully mastered craft a sensitive approach to an extraordinary vital perception. She knows how to retransmit and communicate with the material what emotion suggests to her.


The sculptor's energy is entirely contained in the outcome of the work.


His bull, a symbol of strength and fertility, is a perfect example. Harmonious, refined but powerful Arabesques, a perfect alliance between abstraction and reality, sublimation of volumes, the animal catches the light and seems ready to enter the arena.

With her bestiary, Chantal Porras offers us a cuvée that is quick to create a new mythology...

Soulages Galerie Leadouze 3
Soulages Galerie Leadouze
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Soulages Galerie Leadouze


Peinture 222 x 137 cm - 2 mars 2015 Signed, titled and dated on the reverse Acrylic on canvas

Executed in 2015