Brigitte DHO


Brigitte Dho was born in Saint-Tropez in 1958 and lives in Gassin, in the Var. She studied ceramic decoration for two years and has been working on modelling since 1984. The artist took drawing and watercolour courses with Mr. Monin, a watercolourist painter, from 1884 to 1986 in Grimaud. 


Of contemporary figurative expression, attracted by marble, she studied at the École des arts de la Croix Valmer from 1998 to 2002 with Michel Mourier.


She also took drawing and pastel classes at the School of Arts of the Valmer Cross. After a professional training course in art casting, he worked in casting and bronze casting.

"In sculpture, the material imposes its form on me and I use it, twists, contortions and curves. Simplicity, freedom in shapes with clean lines, guide my personal research."

Brigitte DHO